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Q: Are roof replacements time consuming? Vantage Point Roofing Answers

Posted on July 18 , 2016 by admin
Run a busy lifestyle and can't see how you could possibly fit the time in for a roof replacement? Well, at Vantage Point Roofing our team of specialists excel in working around YOUR schedule. More importantly we provide you with the right information you need through the channels which suit your lifestyle best. Whether that be face-to-face, email, text, calls or by post. Above that, to ask us any questions email us at or call 1800 476 634 to get started! ...Continue Reading

Identifying Genuine Bluescope Steel Materials: Get what you pay for!

Posted on July 06 , 2016 by admin
(Source: Colorbond Australia 2017) More often than not, customers are putting trust in their tradesmen to supply and install legitimate and high quality products without question. As a result, we find ourselves getting contacted every now and then by customers who have had import/low quality sheet metal fitted by roofers. So thanks to Colorbond, this blog will help you understand the importance of quality sheet metal/ roofing materials and how to decipher what metal is good, and the best to use. ...Continue Reading

7 Home Staging Tips to Wow First Homebuyers- Interior tips by Houzz

Posted on July 04 , 2016 by admin
7 Home Staging Tips to Wow First Homebuyers So what are the tips Brett Mickan, Interior Designer at Houzz recommends? Here are your top 7 interior tips to get your home looking fresh and stylish for the market: Interior tips: 1. Depersonalise 2. Do a deep clean 3. Declutter 4. Add scent appeal 5. Simplicity is key 6. Create a sense of luxury and comfort 7. Give potential buyers the facts ...Continue Reading

HOW TO GUIDE: Arrange an asbestos roof replacement

Posted on June 29 , 2016 by admin
There are several important factors which must be taken into account when looking to have your asbestos roof replaced with metal roofing.   ...Continue Reading

Handy tips from Bunnings DIY for around the house

Posted on June 24 , 2016 by admin
This one is extremely important, especially if you're renovating for profit.. There is nothing worse that not sanding the patches properly, painting the walls then noticing all the odd lumps and bumps when the light hits the wall! Our tip... Follow the guide! ...Continue Reading

5 Fantastic Facts about Zincalume® - Have you considered it?

Posted on May 19 , 2016 by admin
When looking to have your roof replaced, deciding what colour to choose can be a difficult choice. Such difficulties include: trying to match each colour with the external colour schemes of your home, keeping the wife (or hubbie!) happy, and thinking about what colour is going to stay stylish for many years to come. Oh dear, sounds full on... That's okay, we can help you out! If you want a simple option, have you heard of Zincalume? ...Continue Reading

Insulation Is The Answer

Posted on May 17 , 2016 by admin
You have just been through a stinking hot Summer, and now you are faced with a freezing cold Winter on the way. We are here to tell you, that you don't have to put up with this.. ...Continue Reading

Sun Kissed- New Colorbond Roof

Posted on May 11 , 2016 by admin
The beautiful morning sunshine giving this new Colorbond roof its blessing! ...Continue Reading

Client Talk: 'Why I wanted my asbestos roof gone'

Posted on May 11 , 2016 by admin
...Continue Reading

The Vantage Point Of Service Difference

Posted on May 04 , 2016 by admin
At Vantage Point Roofing we pride ourselves on our professional approach. We make sure that our clients receive the service that they deserve. If you are doing your research on what company to choose to replace your roof, then here is our tin roof replacement service overview on the day. For more information you can visit our Why Us page or Contact Us page on our website! ...Continue Reading

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