HOW TO GUIDE: Arrange an asbestos roof replacement

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Metal Roofing - Brisbane - HOW TO GUIDE: Arrange an asbestos roof replacementThere are several important factors which must be taken into account when looking to have your asbestos roof replaced with metal roofing.


So what is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral that occurs naturally, made out of microscopic fibres. These fibres were found to be extremely durable, fire resistant, and resistant to many chemical reactions. Asbestos cement sheeting is a minimal risk if it is left intact and undisturbed. However, after over 30 years of exposure to the elements in Queensland’s harsh climate asbestos cement roof sheeting will start to erode. Therefore exposing the deadly fibres, and putting you and your neighbours at risk. 1 in every 3 Australian homes built prior to 1982 contain Asbestos. As a result, by 2020 it’s estimated that approximately 40 000 Australians will be diagnosed with asbestos related diseases.

1. Asbestos company:

When researching for companies to remove the asbestos, it is important to also be lining up a company who will fit the new roof in the same day. If you hire two separate companies, you must be prepared for the chance that the internal roof will be left exposed for a couple a couple of days. Vantage Point Roofing offer both services in one, making sure an average sized roof can be replaced all in one day.

2. Dumping of the asbestos:

Moreover, a good roofing company will make sure your neighbours are aware of the project taking place. In addition, the team will clean the area during and after the roof removal process. Most of all, be sure to check whether the company you hire is including the removal of the asbestos from the property in their service. Yes, we make sure the asbestos materials are removed from your property the same day… not left on your front lawn for weeks!

3. License and qualifications:

Most noteworthy, do your research!! The company/ contractor you are requesting to remove you roof should be a licensed asbestos remover. Put more clearly, you need professionals who are licensed by the Environmental Protection Authority . EPA enables us to transport asbestos waste and provide a waste tracking certificate to assure you of the safe disposal of asbestos waste.

4. Asbestos Safety:

Furthermore, at Vantage Point roofing, safety is our priority and all workers involved are certified with both A and B Class licenses allowing us to ensure the safe and professional removal of both bonded and friable asbestos.

5. Pricing:

Yes… gulp... your new roof will cost more than a new pair of shoes (or several), but when you are weighing up the costs, remember to think about your safety and the well-being of those around you. PLUS... we guarantee that your new roof will look 10x better, outlast an asbestos roof, and be the safest option for your family.

Our tip: Quote around, if someone is offering you a dramatically low price from the rest, question it. Safety, precision and efficiency is far more superior then paying less for a dodgy job.

Do it once, do it right!
Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Asbestos roof replacementMetal Roofing - Brisbane - Asbestos roof replacement


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