Vlog series 3 - Episode 3 - Saving Money On a Roof Replacement

Posted on February 21 , 2018 by Vantage Point Roofing

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Welcome to another series of V TV! In this latest series, we offer you:

5 MORE Insider Roofing Trade Tips

This series builds upon series 2 by covering a few areas we didn’t get the chance to delve into last time round. You may already be familiar with some of these topics, but through this series of videos and blog posts we hope to give you an insider perspective on some of the more nitty gritty aspects of roofing!

Saving Money On Your Roof Replacement

Key Points

Watch the episode below to find out about :

  • Simple ways to keep costs down on your roof replacement



If you’re currently in the market for a roof replacement, the number one thing on your mind is probably money, money, money. That’s totally understandable! Spending your hard earned cash on a roof replacement might not seem like the most thrilling thing to do, but your roof plays an extremely important role in protecting your home, assets and loved ones.

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Top Tips 

Our top 3 tips for keeping costs down while hunting for quotes are:



  1. KEEP IT SIMPLE – skip the accessories
  2. GO WITH ZINCALUME – it’s cheaper than Colorbond (see here for more information about the difference between Zincalume and Colorbond)
  3. DO IT WITH YOUR NEIGHBOURS – for a joint discount (just ask us when you book in your free roof replacement quote!)

Don't forget to watch the video above for a little more discussion on how and why these three easy things can save you money.



This might seem like an obvious one, but something else to keep in mind is the old saying ‘prevention is better than a cure’ – in the case of roofs, that means being proactive about leaks and other potential hazards before they become big problems. Addressing issues now can save you hassle and money in the long run!

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We hope this vlog has provided you with some useful information on ways to save money on your roof replacement. If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us via the comments box below, make an enquiry here or give our friendly team a call on 

1800 476 634.

We'd be more than happy to help! 



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We have also created a complimentary ebook for the 

5 MORE Insider Roofing Trade Tips webseries.


It contains more tips and details that we couldn't fit into our short videos

(including further details on the roof replacement processand can be used as a handy hard copy reference document by downloading here!


Download Free Ebook



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Update 5th jan 2020 to provide most current information

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