11 MORE Common Roofing Terms - EXPLAINED!

Posted on August 07 , 2019 by Vantage Point Roofing

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Have you ever gotten a quote, or had a chat to a contractor, and found it difficult to understand exactly what they were talking about? A good roofing company will take you through your quote and make sure everyone is on the same page before proceeding, but preparing yourself with an understanding of some common roofing terms will make the process easier and less daunting!

Continuing on from our last blog - check out the helpful video animation below to arm yourself with a little roofing knowledge and boost your confidence making a decision about your roof! There's a list too, but it's definitely easier when you've got a visual so we recommend watching the video!



List continued...

12. Ridge

The top edge where two sides of a pitched roof intersect.


13. Hip

When the lower end of two slanted roofs meet to form an external intersection.


14. Parapet

A wall on the perimeter of the building that projects above the edge of the roof


15. Pitch

The angle in degrees that a roof face makes with the horizontal/flat angle.


16. Truss

Engineered structural components of a roof frame.


17. Tie Down

Strips of metal used to fix the roof frame to the building frame.


18. Pan

The bottom flat part of a roofing sheet between the ribs.


19. Rivet

A small headed pin with an expandable head for joining light metal i.e. gutters


20. Soffit

The enclosed underside of any exterior overhanging section of a roof eave.


21. Sump

A container between the gutter and downpipe that aids water to flow away.


22. Whirly Bird

A metal dome with fins that rotates with wind to suck hot air out of the roof.



We hope you found this blog about some of the common terms used by roofing tradespeople useful. We'll keep adding to the dictionary - if you've got any requests please leave them in the comments below! Please don't hesitate to give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly roofing experts if you have any further questions! 

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