Storms are just around the corner! Do you have Storm Emergency Kit?

Posted on December 21 , 2016 by Vantage Point Roofing

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You hear the severe weather warning, get into your car and drive home. The thunder and lightning are deafening and the windows are blurred from the downpour. All of a sudden the lights go out. You check your mobile and you have limited coverage and low battery. This is the reality of what can occur during a severe storm. If you were met with this situation would you know what to do? What if it was pitch black and you couldn't see? How would you stay updated? What if your area was isolated and Emergency Services couldn't assist you immediately?

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It can be helpful to think these questions through before a storm hits and plan the actions you will take should they occur. This can be outlined using the tips provided in our last blog Severe Storm Safety using our free downloadable Household Emergency Plan template found in our FREE Storm Season E-Book. 

Create a Home Emergency Supply Kit

But what about actual supplies and resources? For these you need to put together your Home Emergency Kit. Whether you live in the country or the city, having an Emergency Kit ready to go all year round will ensure your family is prepared should a storm hit and your power go down.

Common examples of items to be included in an emergency kit

What to include:

A basic emergency supply kit may contain items such as the following: 

 1. Food and water

 2. Medication

 3. Personal care items

 4. Items for communications

 5. Clothing 

 6. Important documents

 7. Tools and supplies


For a detailed checklist of how to stock your emergency kit, we have compiled a free emergency kit checklist within our Storm Season E-Book. It includes all specific items you may need to weather a severe storm in your home.


 To download our E-book, which can be printed and edited year after year, as well as tips for what to do before, during and after a severe storm, click the button below!


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