Vlog series 1 - Episode 7 - What are the benefits of gutter guard?

Posted on August 16 , 2017 by Vantage Point Roofing

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Hi everyone! We're back with our 7th episode of V TV in the 8 part series - 

8 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Replacing Your Roof

These questions we will endeavour to answer are the eight most frequently asked questions we receive from customers who are thinking about replacing their roof. Over 8 weeks we hope to provide you with some valuable information to aid with any concerns you have or any decisions you are looking to make in regards to your roof.

In this episode we tackle another of our most frequently asked questions:

 "Is it worth getting gutter guard?"

Key Points

Watch the episode below to find out about :

  • Factors to consider for whether you need gutter guard, and
  • Maintenance required after installing gutter guard



Brief Summary

If you are considering gutter guard as an option, firstly ask yourself whether you have trees surrounding your home? If the answer is "No" then gutter guard is probably unnecessary in your case.

If the answer is "Yes" then you may want to consider your options in terms of preventing leaves and debris from settling in your gutters and blocking water flow and drainage.

Something else to consider is that whilst gutter guard is a great measure to prevent blocked gutters and subsequent roof leaks, it will still require some maintenance. We would still recommend you have your guttering cleaned at least once every six months to prolong the life of your gutters and ensure the gutter guard can continue doing it's job.



We hope this vlog has helped you decide whether you need gutter guard or not. If you have further questions please write them in the comments box below, make an enquiry here or give our friendly team a call on 1800 476 634. We'd be more than happy to help! 

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We have also created a complimentary ebook for the 

8 Questions You Should Be Asking Before Replacing Your Roof webseries.

It contains more tips and details that we couldn't fit into our short videos but can be yours by downloading here!

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Updated Jan 5th 2020 to provide most current information 

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