5 Metal Roof Myths: Separating fact from fiction

Posted on April 27 , 2016 by Vantage Point Roofing

 Metal Roofing - Brisbane - 5 Metal Roof Myths: Separating fact from fiction

When researching whether to choose a metal roof or not you may come across a variety of information, some true, some false. Here we aim to debunk 5 common roofing myths.

 MYTH 1: Metal roofs are prone to rustMetal Roofing - Brisbane - 5 Metal Roof Myths: Separating fact from fiction. Metal roofs are prone to rust

Any rust on a new roof is usually due to poor installation practices. Metal roofing technology has come a long way since the original galvanised iron roofs. The metal used today is now made to withstand tough climate conditions with manufacturers like Bluescope, who supply Colorbond® steel, putting the sheets through various tests, treatments and coatings, which provide resistance to corrosion when installed and maintained correctly. 

MYTH 2: Metal roofs are dangerous, too light and easily damaged

Colorbond® roofing sheets are strong, durable and highly resilient to Australia’s harsh climate. Despite the light weighted feature of the metal sheets, they can endure strong winds, corrosion, peeling and cracking.

Also, due to the lightness of the material, there is almost no structural weight strain when installing Colorbond.

Colorbond® steel is a stong and durable material which when used to install a roof correctly, will often outlast it'sowner.

MYTH 3: Metal roofs are way too expensive

When undergoing a roof replacement, the initial cost
may seem substantial. However, when weighed against ongoing repair and maintenance costs (particularly on tile roofs), a roof replacemnt is highly likely to be cheaper over the lifetime of your roof.

Choosing a new metal roof is more of a set and forget option, requiring very low maintenance in comparison with the additional bonus of a long lasting, durable material.

MYTH 4: Metal roofs are noisier when it rains

This is a common myth, and there is perhaps some truth in that a metal structure (such as a warehouse, shed etc) my sound louder inside when raining. However, residential homes and commercial offices have walls, ceilings, furniture etc which mute the sound of the rain. Many places also have insulation installed which provides further sound proofing, making a metal roof no noisier during a rain event than any other roof type.

MYTH 5: Metal roofs are more likely to be struck by lightning and catch on fire Metal Roofing - Brisbane - 5 Metal Roof Myths: Separating fact from fiction. Metal roofs are more likely to be struck by lightning and catch on fire

This myth is likely to be of concern due to the fact that  metal can be an electrical
conductor. However, metal  roofs do not attract lightning any more than any other roofing material. Tall, thin and isolated structures are more susceptible to being struck by lightning and metal canactually be a safer option due to it being non-combustible.

Colorbond® steel is also highly resistent to fire (non-combustible), totally debunking this myth.

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on April 27 2016 and was updated in February 2017 for accuracy.

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