Does Roofing Insulation Really Keep Your Home Cooler In Summer

Posted on October 03 , 2017 by Luke Fletcher

1.jpgThe Queensland sun can be very warm to hot most of the year round, and a home without insulation in the roof becomes a giant oven. Some people doubt the true effectiveness of insulation to ward of the sun’s heat, but you only have to spend a few minutes inside a house in summer that doesn’t have insulation to really feel the difference.

Now while insulation doesn’t work miracles, and we still need fans and air conditioners to keep cool, without that insulating layer of protection, your home would not only be quite a few degrees hotter, it will also remain hot even throughout the night. Insulated homes will feel much cooler once the sun goes down as compared to a home devoid of roof insulation.

Roofing insulation also helps save on those soaring energy costs. Not only does it repel heat to keep your home cooler, the insulation also helps to prevent the cool air produced from your air conditioner escaping. This means you don’t need to run your air conditioners for as long or as often, and may feel comfortable enough just to use the ceiling fan instead. Air conditioners are great, but they are also very power hungry. Quality insulation can really help you cut back on those power bills in both summer and winter as well.

Metal Roofing and Insulation

Metal roofing is both a beautiful and cost effective choice of roofing material. They are tough and durable and can handle just about anything nature can send their way. Metal does attract both heat and amplify noise, so specialised insulation for metal roofing is vital to nullify both.

Anticon blanket insulation is the perfect solution for metal roofs. It repels the heat, vastly reduces noise, and also keeps condensation at bay. This form of insulation has been specially developed and designed for metal roofing and is best applied when your home is undergoing a roof replacement.

At Vantage Point Roofing we are specialists in metal roof replacement as well as insulation for metal roofing. We cover both the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas and are your local metal roofing and insulation experts. Get in touch today to discuss how we can help insulate your home.

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