Live on the coast? Your roof may need to be Stainless Steel or Ultra!

Posted on May 11 , 2017 by Vantage Point Roofing
Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Live on the coast? Your roof may need to be Stainless Steel or Ultra!
If you live in a coastal region you may enjoy the scent of the salty sea air and the gentle mist of the surf, but unfortunately, your roof does not. This is due to the the corrosive effect the sea can have on standard metal, which enables quicker deterioration and therefore a decrease in the lifespan of your roof. But before you despair, but rest assured that there is a way to enjoy your ocean paradise and have a long lasting roof. 

There are specialist products that are recommended for use in coastal and other marine environments. These recommendations are based on how far away your property is from breaking surf, or calm marine environments, where there is salt spray in the air. 

To protect your property from the environmental effects of living in a coastal/marine area, the following products are recommended:



Colorbond® stainless steel is the preferred material for roofs within 100m from breaking surf.

Colorbond® Ultra steel is the material of choice for roofs approximately 100m-200m from breaking surf, or within 100m from calm marine environments (such as harbours, river estuaries, etc).



Colorbond® Stainless steel is recommended for wall cladding which is within 500m of breaking surf or calm marine locations.

Colorbond® Ultra steel is suggested for wall cladding approximately 500m-1000m from marine influences.

Metal Roofing - Brisbane - Choosing the right product for your coast property metal roofing wall cladding colorbond

Ensuring you have the right material installed on your property is vitaly important to comply with building codes and warranties.

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If you are ready to go with installing a new roof you may wish to explore colour options.

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